February Review

Over the last month, I’ve taken some time to truly get myself together physically and professionally. My goals were mostly pretty simple, I wanted to challenge myself to get back into the gym, transition my diet toward a more plant based diet and make at least one new friend or connection for my professional and … More February Review

An Irish Roadtrip

When planning a cross country road-trip, most people would think to plan a trip within their home country, if big enough. There would be no language barrier, you could still drive on the same side of the road, and there would be no need to worry about customs and immigration control. In the US, a … More An Irish Roadtrip

January Review

Ahh…January- a time for resolutions, fresh starts, and the ever increasing crowd that mobs the gym every afternoon. This is the first of my ‘Monthly Review’ series, in which I set mini goals for myself to accomplish within the month, and hold myself accountable. Since it is already February (already late on entry #1- great … More January Review

Sedona, Arizona

  There is an interesting story about how Sedona, Arizona got its name.  If you think about it, Sedona is a unique feminine name that evokes thoughts of tumbleweeds blowing in the desert wind through a red dirt, mountainous desert. Lying about an hour outside of the capital city, Phoenix; Sedona has become a hiking … More Sedona, Arizona