About Me

25396159_10155428993644794_8321002670250395677_nHi, my name is Michelle, I am a South Jersey native and I have a passion for writing, traveling, and probably a bunch of other things I haven’t figured out yet. However, I currently hold a corporate job in Healthcare Administration. I am new to traveling, blogging and just about the entire adult world after graduating from college.

As a young adult, I was taught to go to college, get a degree and land a stable job in a corporate environment, in my case, the healthcare industry. Under a year in the industry and I can’t help but think that there has got to be a better route to happiness.

My love for travel was sparked on my first venture outside the United States, to Paris, France and Rome, Italy. Every place we visited, every person we met, and each new experience was incredibly inspiring. After that trip, I knew in my mind that I should be out exploring the world instead of hiding in a cubicle for the next thirty years. Since that trip I have traveled to Central America, and am currently planning to return to Europe within the next year.

I’m out to live an extraordinary life, break free from the cubicle and share my experiences along the way. Hope to see you out there someday!